Why do you assess Year 9 entrants up to two years in advance?

It is very common for independent senior schools to assess and interview Year 9 candidates when they are in Year 6 or 7.

Early assessment allows pupils to enjoy the final years of Prep knowing they have a place at their chosen school. Prep schools will often encourage pupils and their families to make senior school choices at this time and can provide help and advice on the process.

Candidates for Year 9 entry are typically invited in for a personal taster in either Year 6 or 7 depending on when they make contact. They will sit our school assessments as part of the taster day and offers will be made at this point.  

We will continue to keep in touch with candidates and their families over the next couple of years and they are very welcome to join us for school events. The 13+ scholarship process takes place in the Spring Term of Year 8.

More information about joining Year 9 is available here.