What GCSE subjects do you offer?

Leweston prides itself on offering a bespoke approach to GCSE choices where pupils are invited to select the courses that they want to study with the timetable then constructed around them.

We work hard to offer a varied choice of subjects and, whatever a pupil’s strengths, there will be a suitable combination of subjects for them.

All pupils take GCSEs in the core subjects of English Literature, English Language, Mathematics, Science (equivalent to three separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and Religious Studies. Pupils choose a language from French, Spanish or their native language plus EAL. They are then free to choose up to three option subjects, which include History, Geography, Latin, Music, Drama, Art and Design, Home Economics, Physical Education and Computer Science. Able mathematicians may also take Further Mathematics.

More information about the individual subject courses is available in our GCSE booklet.