What boarding houses does Leweston have?

There are four boarding houses at Leweston and we have an 'in-house' boarding structure.

Leweston has four boarding houses:

All of the boarding houses at Leweston are located upstairs in the main school building with boys and girls contained on separate, secure wings. This creates an atmosphere and environment similar to a family home and means that boarders do not need to travel back and forth to houses located on or off campus.

In order to provide boarders with a genuine opportunity to relax and unwind Years 4 to 10 have evening study in the school library supervised by academic staff, this allows pupils to leave the school day ‘downstairs’ when they return to their houses.

Once boarders leave their accommodation in the morning only Year 11 and Sixth Form are allowed to return to their studies during the day, the other years come back into House at the end of lessons at 4.20pm. This ensures that day and boarding pupils are fully integrated with day pupils also encouraged to join in with weekend trips and activities.