Do you have a programme for gifted and talented children?

Leweston is committed to providing every student with the best possible opportunity to flourish.

However, some students possess particular talents or gifts that allow them to excel through the school curriculum and we are dedicated to ensuring that these students are provided the necessary support to make best use of these skills.

Within the curriculum, able pupils may be provided with:

  • Opportunities to work at a faster pace and in increasingly analytical ways
  • Opportunities to demonstrate more independence, to work on open-ended tasks and follow
    their own lines of enquiry

Beyond the curriculum, pupils are provided with:

  • Opportunities to take part in a variety of activities in the co-curricular programme including
    Rhetoric and the Head’s Essay Society
  • Enrichment events including occasional off timetable curriculum based events, for example,
    Oxplore, Academic Olympiads, Musical Festivals, Debating events etc
  • Opportunities to take leadership roles, to represent the school and achieve awards in internal and external competitions in sport, music, art, speech and drama

Visiting experts, authors and artists run exciting workshops and events in school. These are combined with trips to external events, all designed to broaden pupils’ knowledge base and understanding.