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Do international pupils need a guardian in the UK?

An educational guardian is an important part of an overseas pupil's pastoral care.

Your child must have an adult guardian (over the age of 24) resident in the UK, or be enrolled with a guardianship agency. The only exception to this is for short stay pupils coming from Europe whose parents commit to be able to travel to school within 24 hours notice.  

Your child will need to be able to stay with their guardian (or a host family arranged by them) during half-term breaks and the school holidays if necessary. The guardian must also be able to take responsibility for your child if they need to come out of school at any other time. It is important that the guardian is someone that both you and your child can communicate with easily. This could be a family friend or relative if they are able to take on this responsibility but there are also guardianship agencies who are experienced at providing support and help for overseas students and their families.

The School cannot advise parents on their choice of guardian but we can provide a list of Guardians that are currently working with us. Further information about Guardianship and a list of accredited companies can be found via Aegis (the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students) www.aegisuk.net